5 Football Players Who Lied About Their Real Age

With a certain African footballer who recently played in Europe being accused of lying about his age and identity, here are 5 infamous cases of players cheating on their age were caught.

Africa Top Sports reported in April that Red Star Belgrade midfielder Guelor Kanga could face serious trouble over concerns about his true age and identity.

The publication claimed that Kanga, who has made 35 appearances for Gabon, was born in the DRC and is five years older than he claims.

However, this has been refuted by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), which, according to BBC Sport, said last week that it had “not found any irregularity in the player’s eligibility to play and his registration with CAF” and that its “Disciplinary Committee examined the complaint by Fecofa (Football Federation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) 96 games in two phases with the club simply refuses.

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While the investigation is still ongoing, other players have been found to lie about their age, such as the curious case of Indian footballer Gourav Mukhi, who claimed to be 12 years younger than he was.

1. Gourav Mukhi

The Indian player claimed he was 16 years old but further investigation disclosed that the football star was 28 years old.

2. Tobie Mimboe

Tobie Mimboe happens to be one of the greatest player for Senegal. The Senegalese player, however, was caught cheating on his real age several times.

3. Carlos Alberto

Carlos Alberto is one of the greatest Brazilian in their history. The top star was caught cheating on his real age. According to report, the Brazilian footballer is five years his age.

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4. Fortune Chukwudi

The Nigerian star and top player is said to be of overage while playing for Nigeria at the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup. Angel Chime (Ecuador), allegedly three years his junior, also lied about his real name.

5. Yusupha Yaffa

Yusupha Yaffa is one of the greatest player for Gambia. However, the top player was caught cheating on his real age. According to him, he said he is 19 years old but was reportedly 28 years old.


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