5 Famous Footballers Who Are Known By Their Nicknames

Football as we all know is one of the most prestigious and beautiful games the world has to offer.

The game unites different people from all over the world, which compete against each other in different competitions and leagues.

However, one of the rules of the game is writing your name on your jersey, but there are a few players who decided not to use their real names while playing the game of football.

Here in this article, we are going to show you the top five football players who never used their real names while playing football.

1. Isco (Real Madrid midfielder)

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Real name: Francisco Roman Alarcon.

2. Pepe (Porto football club and former Real Madrid defender)

Real name: Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira.

3. Kaka (Former Brazilian international, Real Madrid, and AC Milan player).

Real name: Ricardo Santos.

4. Ronaldinho (Former Brazilian international and Barcelona legend).

Real name: Ronaldo Moreira.

5. Chicharito (Former Mexican international and Manchester United player).

Real name: Javier Hernandez.

In this article, we can find out that Brazilian likes changing their names for reasons best known to them. So as a football fan, why do you think these footballers change their real name to another name?




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