5 Brothers In Football And The Positions Each Of Them Play

What everyone always desires is to be able to achieve the same dream together with his or her siblings.

Here are the 5 Brothers in football and the positions each of them play.

1. Lars Bender and Sven Bender 

The German twin brothers played as defensive midfielders and also as defenders. Lars played as left back while Sven Bender played as centre back. They both finished their career at Bayer Leverkusen in 2021.

2. Taulant Xhaka and Granit Xhaka

Taulant plays as a defensive midfielder for Basel while Granit Xhaka plays as a central midfielder for Arsenal.

3. Gianluigi Donnarumma and Antonio Donnarumma

The Italian brothers both play as goalkeepers. Gianluigi plays for PSG while Antonio Donnarumma plays for Padova.

4. Wesley Sneijder and Rodney Sneijder

Wesley Sneijder played as an attacking midfielder for Ajax and Inter Milan while Rodney Sneijder plays as a central midfielder.

5. Toni Kroos and Felix Kroos

The German footballers both play as central defensive midfielders.


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