4 Top Footballers Who Retired In 2022

All of the soccer stars who retire in 2022 will leave an indelible mark. Whether they’re retiring as top footballers or calling it a career after a few up-and-down seasons, all of the great footballers retiring in 2022 have given it their all.

Here is the list of four top footballers who retired in 2022:

  • Carlos Tevez

Carlos Teves is one of the top players that retired this year after completing a successful football career at 38-year-old, recording a total of 227 goals for different clubs in 517 appearances. His club before retirement was Boca Juniors which lasted from 2018 to 2021.

  • Mark Noble

Mark Noble, who played for West Ham United for 18 years, retired this year at 35-year-old, recording 56 club career goals in 490 appearances. He earned the nickname “Mr West Ham” owing to his unwavering loyalty to the club despite being loaned to Hull City and Ipswich Town in 2006.

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  • Laurent Koscielny

Laurent Koscielny is another player who retired this year at 36-year-old, recording 31 career goals for different clubs in 460 years.

  • Mousa Dembele

Mousa Dembele is a player whose playing career was riddled with lots of personal achievements. He retired from playing professional football on the 8th of February 2022. The Belgian midfielder won the Eredivisie in 2009, won the Johan Cruff Shield in 2009, and also was a FIFA World Cup third-place winner in 2018.

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