4 Top Countries That Have Produced The Highest Numbers Of International Players

In football, a frequently occurring situation is for players to leave their home country to play internationally. For this reason, a measure such as the number of players a country exports can become important, as it is an indicator of the talent that a nation has. 

Here is the list of the top four countries with the highest number of international players:

  • Brazil

One of the most successful national team in the entire world is the Brazil national team. They have played in all FIFA world cup competition throughout history. Out of all the matches played, they have won a total of 5 FIFA world cup trophies. They have also won a considerable number of their continental trophy.

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Aside their success in FIFA world cup competition, they are also one of the national team that have produced the highest number of international players. They have roughly produced over 1330 international players.

  • France

Another successful national team that have produced a considerable number of international players is France. They have also produced a very good number of football superstar. The France national team has produced roughly 867 international players.

  • Argentina

Another great national team that have a good record of international players produced is Argentina. They have produced different legendary players who have won different accolades. One of the greatest player in history is currently from Argentina’s national team. They have produced a total number of 820 players if not more than.

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  • Serbia

Serbia national team is also a notable team that have produced a good number of international players. Although it is not known by many to be one of the team that have produced legendary international players. They have produced roughly 431 International players.

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