4 Most Expensive Flopped Players In The Premier League

According to Sky Sports, Darwin Nunez is the fifth most expensive Premier League player in history. Romelu Lukaku, Paul Pogba, Jack Grealish, and Harry Maguire are among the players who have made the top six most expensive signings in Premier League history.

However, it’s not just being expensive that these Players have in common. They also have something else in common and it’s certainly not what they will be happy about. Four of the most expensive Players in EPL have all flopped.

Romelu Lukaku made the list twice for when United Signed him from Everton and when Chelsea signed him from Inter Milan. The Belgium International unceremoniously left United for Inter Milan and he’s on the verge of leaving the EPL unceremoniously for Inter Milan, again.

There’s Jack Grealish who struggled at Man City last season. City might have won the league but it wasn’t because Jack Grealish did anything spectacular.

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There’s also Harry Maguire on the list, he’s arguably one of the Worst Defenders in the EPL last season. There were great signs and expectations when Paul Pogba Helped United to win the Europa league and two other titles in his first season at Old Trafford but, that was as good as it get. He failed to win any EPL title for the Club.

Darwin Nunez is also in their company, we’ll have to wait a few months to know whether he’s going to follow the trend or forge a new path for himself.

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