4 Famous Footballers And Their Famous Celebrity Lookalikes

It’s a famous superstition that states that there are seven people on earth with similar faces, there are look-alikes for footballers too.

There are a lot of things that are a lot more exciting, but just for proof that footballers do have lookalikes that don’t stretch the imagination to extreme lengths, here are four famous footballers and their surprisingly close lookalikes.

  • Chicharito/Bruno Mars

They do, however, have a striking resemblance. Bruno Mars might make it even more obvious if he shaved his head, grew a few inches taller, and wore a Manchester United or Mexico shirt.

This is one of the most common lookalikes in the Premier League, with at least one person noticing it every day. Nonetheless, I’m sure they’ll be forgiven. It’s uncanny how similar they are.

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  • Georgios Samaras/Freddie Mercury

It’s a slightly less well-known fact, but it’s still accurate.

Georgios Samaras, Celtic’s Greek striker, has a striking resemblance to Freddie Mercury, Queen’s English singer.

Although they’ll only resemble each other for as long as Samaras’ hair is long.

  • Diego Forlan/Gene Wilder

Depending on which photographs and which era you chose, it can be a stretch. But, more lately, Diego Forlan has a striking resemblance to Gene Wilder in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I’m sure Forlan won’t mind being compared to a comedic icon, even if it’s just for the sake of appearances, and I believe Wilder would be even happier to be compared to an athlete.

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  • Dimitar Berbatov/Andy Garcia

Perhaps it’s the image, or perhaps it’s simply true. Dimitar Berbatov may have been Andy Garcia’s conjoined twin who was later separated at birth.

I’d want to clarify that they are not twins for anyone who haven’t yet grasped the layout of this presentation.

Despite their varied accents, if they had to be twins, or brothers at the very least, they could definitely pull it off.

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