4 Brothers Who Play The Same Positions In Football

Families mean a lot to us because they give us a sense of belonging. The support and love of a family has kept a lot of people motivated in their quest to succeed. In football, having a family member who plays the same position is a surreal feeling.

Brothers compete and play together in football. That is why we are going to take a look at brothers in the game who play the same positions on the football pitch.

  • Thorgan and Eden Hazard

The Hazard family has produced top footballers that we now know, most notably former Chelsea winger, Eden Hazard. Interestingly, the Belgian captain also has a brother who plays the same position as him.

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Thorgan, a former Chelsea academy player, had to leave the club for the German League and has found a home at Dortmund.

  • Lucas and Theo Hernandez

At the moment, the defensive brothers in football are both capable of playing anywhere in the defense and producing quality marking and long-range passes.

Theo plays for AC Milan and recently won the Serie A title with the club. Lucas plies his trade with the German champions, Bayern Munich.

  • Rafinha Alcantara and Thiago

The brothers from Spain and former Barcelona players, Thiago and Rafinha, have had a fine and fruitful career as outstanding and quality passers of the ball in the middle of the park.

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Thiago plays for Liverpool in the English Premier League, while his younger brother continues to thrive in La Liga with Real Sociedad.

  • Taulant and Granit Xhaka

The brothers who play in the midfield are originally of Albanian heritage but decided to split their international allegiance. Taulant, the older brother, plays for the Albanian national team and Swiss-based club, FC Basel.

Granit Xhaka, on the other hand, is Switzerland’s captain and a key figure for English Premier League side Arsenal football club.

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