4 Best Brazil Players Of All Time

The country Brazil is mostly said to be the hub of Football.

Why are they considered to be the hub of football?

It is because they have produced a lot of good players who has graced the World Cup with a lot skills and goodness.

In this article, I have compiled a list of some Brazilian players who are considered to be the best of all time.

1. Roberto Carlos

He is a Brazilian former professional footballer who now works as a football ambassador.

He amassed 125 caps, scoring 11 goals for the Brazilian national team.

He represented Brazil at three FIFA World Cups, four Copa América tournaments, the 1997 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 1996 Olympic Games.

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2. Ricardo dos Santos Leite

He is a Brazilian former professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder.

He is widely considered one of the best players of his generation.

He is one of eight players to have won the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Champions League and the Ballon D’Or.

3. Romário de Souza Faria

He is a Brazilian politician who previously achieved worldwide fame as a professional footballer.

He is a prolific striker renowned for his clinical finishing.

He scored over 750 goals and he is considered of the greatest players of all time.

4.Arthur Antunes Coimbra

He is a Brazilian football coach and former player who played as an attacking midfielder.

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He is considered one of the most clinical finishers and best passers ever.

He is regarded as one of the best playmakers and free kick specialists in history.








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