3 Reasons Why Football Players Walk Into The Playing Field With Kids

Football is one of the most popular games in the world and the one with the highest number of fans. Even for a person who does not love football, there is one thing you must obviously have seen during a football match, players walk into the playground in the company of children.

I know many of us must have wondered why they walk in with children but never been able to know. The children are known as player escort, match escort or child mascot. Before any international game starts, you will see the players holding the hands of the children as they walk with them into the pitch. They stand with the players during the singing of the National Anthem before leaving.

Why do you think the players walk in with children? There are several reasons for this and in this article we will look at some. One reason is to promote the rights of the children campaigns across the world. This helps to eliminate child abuse and other offences to children. Children are innocent beings and their presence helps to ensure that the game will be fair and innocent without any chaos.

The act helps to fulfill the dreams of the children that have been taken to the playground. They become optimistic that one day they will play in the game as it is their dream. Lastly, it is a reminder to the players that the children are looking up to them therefore urging them to behave well.

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