3 Reason Why Real Madrid Could Win 2021/2022 UEFA Champions League Title

Following a tough qualifying to the semifinals, Real Madrid has shown that they are capable of lifting the UEFA Champions League trophy.

This isn’t just our opinion; we’ve looked into and analyzed some data, and in this piece, we’ll go through three reasons why Real Madrid will win the Champions League in a nutshell.

  • Good Team Structure

Real Madrid, as a team, and the most of its players, are unquestionably in excellent condition. They’ve been on a roll lately, which is crucial for players’ focus. 

If the team is doing well and staying stable, they will play better, and when the team performs better, a trophy isn’t far off.

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  • Players’ Strong Mentality

The mentality of the Real Madrid players has been one of their most powerful weapons this season. 

With their sights set on another Champions League trophy and a great desire to win, it’s safe to conclude that the game has already been won thanks to the players’ positive outlook.

  • Style of Play

Lastly, under Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid has embraced a counter-attacking-heavy style of play. 

They sit back and wait for you to lose control of the ball before piercing through your defense with quick, calm, and perfect passes. 

They’ve been successful with these in the Champions League, and many opponents find it tough to play against them since they have players who are proficient at using these tactics.

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