3 Football Players Whose Names Are Bigger Than Their Clubs

When we talked about football players who have big names we are talking about the financial status or the influence that the players exert in the football club.

So in this case I would talk of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar.

Let us start with Ronaldo for most football fans think he is bigger and has a bigger name than Manchester United.

Ronaldo carries a big image in the world of football and he exerts influence on even non-football fans.

He is arguably the most followed player on social media, he is bigger than the clubs he has played with, and the club he is currently playing in, Why?

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The arrival of Ronaldo at Juventus meant an increase in the number of jerseys that were brought by the fans of Juventus, this also meant an increase in the profits.

Ronaldo Jersey earned more profits than the previous season for all the Juventus players combined.

Ronaldo’s arrival also meant a stronger following at Juventus and Manchester United, for their social media, that is Twitter and Facebook and this meant a lot of increased endorsement deals.

Ronaldo has a bigger name than Juventus and Manchester United, there is no other explanation.

Secondly, I go to Lionel Messi, he is another big brand, and that is the reason the majority of the fans in the world supported Barcelona when he was playing for them.

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He was a legend for Barcelona, and to be where it was, was all because of Messi.

He has been arguably their standout player in the last 8 years Messi is bigger than Barcelona.

His influence at camp Nou needs no explanation, and most football fans still believe he also has a bigger name than his current club, PSG.

Thirdly, I go to Neymar.

This Man has a bigger name than PSG, his price tag of £250 million is not a joke, his contract terms are Bizzare, and Neymar is just big.

He is not allowed to be harassed by coaches, we also saw it when he challenged Unai Emery before he departed for Arsenal.

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Neymar can leave PSG at any time he wants, he can challenge any player. His market value speaks.

So for me, I just think these players have a bigger name than their clubs because they are the centers of attraction in their respective clubs.



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