12 Major Football Records Held By Players In The FIFA World Cup History

It is every footballer’s goal to compete in the FIFA World Cup, the sport’s most prestigious tournament, and the World Cup itself is the sport’s most coveted trophy. A significant number of football players have established records during the competition, both positive and negative records.

The following are the twelve records that have yet to be broken at the FIFA World Cup:

  1. The Brazilian footballer Pele was the first player in the history of the FIFA World Cup to win three trophies.
  2. Cafu is the first player in World Cup history to compete in three finals, in which he won two of the trophies and came up short in one.
  3. Roger Milla, a former player for Cameroon’s national team, holds the record for being the oldest player to compete in the World Cup.
  4. Miroslav Klose has scored more goals than any other player in the history of the World Cup (16 goals).
  5. Lothar Matthaus is the player who has participated in the most World Cup matches (25 matches).
  6. Diego Maradona holds the record for most assists by a player in World Cup history (8).
  7. Javier Mascherano has received the most cautions in the history of the World Cup (7).
  8. Lionel Messi has more dribbles than any other player in this year’s World Cup (110).
  9. Rigobert Song and Zinedine Zidane currently hold the record for receiving the most red cards during a World Cup tournament (2 each).
  10. The Brazilian Pele holds the record as the youngest player to ever win the World Cup and score in the championship game.
  11. Oliver Kahn is the only goalkeeper in World Cup history to have won the award for best player at a World Cup competition (2002).
  12. Miroslav Klose is the only player to have scored at least four goals in each of the three different World Cup competitions that they have participated in.

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