10 Smallest WWE Superstars In History

The WWE has witnessed a lot of tall and short wrestlers.

In this article we will unveil the shortest wrestlers ever to fight in WWE.

The likes of Andre the Giant, Big Show and The Great Khali towered over their opponents, but who were the small guys pulling up trees and proving people wrong?

As per Sport Lister, here are the 10 shortest WWE wrestlers of all time. Not all are as obvious as expected though;

10.  Brian Kendrick (5’8)

Brian Kendrick was a tag team champion in the WWE alongside Paul London in the mid-2000s.

9. Eddie Guerrero (5’8)

From Chavo to Eddie, with the latter, who has sadly passed away, coming in at nine.

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8. Sin Cara (5’7)

Reminiscent of Rey Mysterio, who also features on this list, of course, the masked Sin Cara is a true luchador in stature, ring attire and athleticism.

7. Funaki (5’7)

Funaki was once the cruiserweight champion before he was defeated by Chavo Guerrero.

6. Evan Bourne (5’7)

It isn’t particularly surprising that a lot of the smaller wrestlers are high-flyers and that is certainly the case for Evan Bourne.

He was partnered with Kofi Kingston as part of tag team Air Bourne.

5. Rey Mysterio (5’6)

The aforementioned Rey Mysterio is one of the most iconic stars in the history of the WWE, from the 619 to his love-turned-hate relationship with Batista.

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4. Kalisto (5’6)

From one masked man to another as Kalisto is 5’6 along with Rey Mysterio.

3. Spike Dudley (5’5)

The first name on the podium is Spike Dudley, a famous name in the industry alongside D-Von and Bubba Ray.

2. Drake Maverick (5’4)

Penultimately, Drake Maverick is in the more modern age of WWE.

1. Hornswoggle (4’5)

Atop of the list is the iconic Hornswoggle. He is the only man below five foot and his partnership with Finlay and that shillelagh are historic.








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