10 Most Stylish Footballers In Football History

Being good at football is one thing, but dressing well away from the pitch is a completely different beast.

To put it simply, some can, some can’t.

Footballers have been known to have questionable dress sense for the most part, and the issue has only worsened as the game becomes more rich and high-end fashion becomes more absurd.

But how can we be expected to get behind our heroes if they’re not dressing suave and looking smart?

For many footballers, anything expensive and unique looking seemingly does the trick. That hasn’t always been the case for every player, though, with an elite handful in touch with their stylish side.

That’s right. There is a small-ish circle of footballers who, to put it how the kids would these days, have a serious collection of ‘garms’ and can throw together some serious ‘fits’. Yeah, we’re down with the trends here at URBANNEWSGH if you can’t tell.

Fashion is of course subjective, and by no means is this list gospel. It also doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

However, there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun and looking past the transfer rumour mill and the on-pitch shenanigans that usually dominate the headlines.

So, what we’re about to do instead is feed the vanity fair that is fashion in football and judge players solely on how they dress.

Specifically, highlight those who have been known to dress well, after British GQ took to Twitter to highlight some of their favourite fashionistas in the Premier League.

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We’ve opened the door further, and compiled a list of the 10 most fashionable players in football, past and present.

10. Paul Pogba

His style certainly isn’t for everyone, but Pogba is as creative with his wardrobe as he is with the ball at his feet.

Hairstyles, shoes, shirts, shorts, jewellery, the Frenchman leaves no stone unturned. His garms are always out there, but he doesn’t half pull it off. Nothing but respect.

9. Sergio Ramos

It’s hard not to look stylish with all those tattoos, a hairline like finely cut diamond and the picture perfect beard to go with it, in fairness. Credit where it’s due, though, Ramos knows his stuff.

Short hair and long hair, he keeps his styles unique but high brow. Moving to Paris Saint-Germain has merely solidified his status, too, as he now lives in the fashion capital of the world.

8. Xabi Alonso

Admittedly, Alonso does play things a little safe with his fashion sense. But what doesn’t work for others works a treat for him. Very few can make the minimalist style look as suave and endearing as he does.

Suits, jumpers, cropped pants, he doesn’t mess about, does our Xabi. Keeps it simple, but effective. Handsome devil, too.

7. Tom Davies

A man not afraid to show his versatility and his personality, Davies is a complete style icon and has been known to pull together some seriously bold outfits.

Oversized suits on the streets of New York, long furry coats, or shell jackets and short shorts in his native Liverpool, the Everton midfielder is made for the runway.

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It’s not a style for everyone, but it’s very chic and very trendy. Go ‘ed, Tom lad.

6. Mason Mount

Perhaps a name that doesn’t come to mind immediately, Mount has quietly stepped up his fashion game in recent years.

A style that is classy and high brow but no longer in your face, Mount uses his resources well. His outfit at the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix tells you all you need to know. Sleek.

5. Ben Chilwell

What might’ve helped along Mount on his fashion journey was the arrival of Chilwell to Chelsea. The England full back has long been into his fashion, and has long been throwing together some serious fits.

A fan of slightly more ‘footballer’ style items, Chilwell pulls the look off and keeps himself young with the eccentric style and use of trending brands.

4. Serge Gnabry

From vintage-looking suits, to vintage football shirts, and then to more contemporary outfits, there is very little that Gnabry cannot pull off.

Being dashingly handsome always helps, but there’s no denying the German’s eye for style. The man has a serious appreciation for outfits and the finer details, and has the perfect outfit for every occasion. His Instagram is a joy to scroll through. Top work, Serge.

3. Son Heung-min

Another that might go unnoticed by many, Son is actually now signed up as a Burberry ambassador, which tells you all you need to know.

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When not rifling in goals for Tottenham, he’s putting together the very best examples of modern, minimalist fits. No bling, no major brands needed.

Just subtle touches of high brow fashion within incredibly well put together outfits. We’re expecting the levels to increase further now he’s in with Burberry, too.

2. Andrea Pirlo

Football’s answer to James Bond? Quite possibly. If 007 were to ever go Italian, Pirlo should be the first man they contact.

Seriously, this man is cooler than the seeds in a cucumber. Rolled up sleeves, sunglasses tucked into shirt, he’s the king of smart casual. No need for flashy trainers and fancy brands. Nah. Give this man a suit and a time of day and he’ll style as appropriate. Like a fine wine, he is.

1. David Beckham

But, there was only ever one winner, right? Right. Beckham was paving the way for style and celebrity status in football long before any of these younger guys currently strutting their stuff. Becks was a style icon, and still is.

If Pirlo is possibly football’s James Bond, then Beckham definitely is. That man when suited and booted is untouchable.

And even when he’s dressing it down, he still looks on top of the world. Loves a sneaker, too. Oh, and he’s got the looks. The man is a dream.









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