10 Most Popular Football Clubs With The Largest Number Of Fans In The World

Football is the most popular sport in the globe, with fans from all over the world following their favourite teams. However, as time passes, the number of fans who support a team either rises or falls.

Some people stick with their club, while others move teams and abandon their prior teams through difficult times.

The football teams with the most fans are also the most powerful clubs in the world, according to our research.

The top ten most popular football clubs with the most fans in 2022 are listed below.


Many predicted that once Ronaldo left the club, the number of fans and followers would decline, but the opposite has occurred. Real Madrid has a combined following of 88.8 million Instagram followers, 111 million Facebook fans, 34.3 million Twitter followers, and 5.77 million YouTube subscribers.

Since its inception in 1902, it has won the Championship League thirteen times. The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid’s home stadium, seats 81,000 people.


Many people are familiar with Barcelona, a Spanish football team whose star player was Lionel Messi. Among other things, it has 87.3 million Instagram followers, 103 million Facebook fans, 32.8 million Twitter followers, and 9.58 million YouTube subscribers.

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It was founded in 1899 and currently plays its home games at Camp Nou, a stadium with a capacity of 99,000 people.


With its headquarters in Manchester, it is the most popular club in the English Premier League. It has 35.9 million Instagram followers, 73 million Facebook likes, 22.2 million Twitter followers, and 3 million YouTube subscribers. The Red Devils’ home stadium, Old Trafford, has a capacity of 74,000 fans.

Manchester United is the English club with the most trophies, having won the EPL 20 times and the Champions League three times. The majority of those trophies have been won while Sir Alex Ferguson has been in charge.


Juventus has 40.6 million Instagram followers, 41 million Facebook likes, 8.1 million Twitter followers, and 2.7 million YouTube subscribers. It was founded in 1897 and plays its home games at Juventus Stadium, which seats 41,000 fans.

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It has 22.3 million Instagram followers, 48 million Facebook fans, 14.4 million Twitter followers, and 1.88 million YouTube subscribers, making it the second most popular team in the English Premier League behind Manchester United. Stamford Bridge, the Blues’ home ground, has a capacity of 42,000 people.


It plays in the English Premier League and is based in London. It was formed in 1892 and now plays at Anfield, a 53,000-seat stadium.

The Reds have a combined following of 26.6 million Instagram users, 36 million Facebook fans, 14.8 million Twitter users, and 4.8 million YouTube subscribers.


PSG, which was created in 1970, is the oldest club on the list. The Parc des Princes Stadium, the club’s home ground, has a capacity of 47,000 spectators.

Mbappe and Neymar, who also acts as the club’s captain, are two of the best players in the world. PSG has a total of 29.2 million Instagram followers, 41 million Facebook likes, 7.8 million Twitter followers, and 2.31 million YouTube subscribers.


In the year 1900, the German-based club was founded. Allianz Arena, the team’s home stadium, has a 75,000-seat capacity. It has won the Bundesliga 29 times and hasn’t lost a title since 2012.

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Over 21.6 million Instagram users, 49 million Facebook users, 4.8 million Twitter users, and 1.47 million YouTube subscribers make up the club’s aggregate following.


It was created in 1886 and plays in front of 60,000 fans at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal, along with Chelsea and Manchester United, compete in the English Premier League.

It has 17.6 million Instagram followers, 37 million Facebook fans, 15.8 million Twitter followers, and 1.83 million YouTube subscribers, among other social media platforms.


Etihad Stadium, with a capacity of 55,000, is the club’s home venue. It plays in the English Premier League and is based in Manchester.

The club was founded in 1880 and began operations on April 16, 1894, with its current name. It has 19.3 million Instagram followers, 39 million Facebook fans, 8 million Twitter followers, and 2.57 million YouTube subscribers, among other social media platforms.

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