SAD NEWS: Passport Office Can Only Issue 32-page Booklets To All Applicants– Minister Reveals

The Passport Office will be unable to issue the 48-page passport booklets until further notice, according to the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The Ministry claimed that this is due to “a surge in demand for these books and the continued issues with the supply chain” in a news statement dated April 1, 2022.

Due to this difficulty, the Passport Office can only give the 32-page booklets currently available to applicants who requested the 48-page booklets, according to the Ministry.

Affected candidates would not be required to file a new application for the 32-page booklets or pay any additional fees, according to the Ministry.

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Until further notice, the Passport Office can only issue 32-page booklets to all applicants — Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry also stated that it is taking the required efforts to ensure that qualifying applicants receive the necessary returns.

“Despite the difficulties, the Ministry has reaffirmed the Passport Office’s commitment to “expedited service and client satisfaction.”

“We appreciate the public’s patience, understanding, and support at this difficult time,” the Ministry said.

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