OPINION: I support Achimota School decision for Rejecting the two Rastafarians – Wisdom Writes

Takyi Gyan Wisdom , a concern citizen and a tertiary student, has shared his concern on the decision taken by the Achimota School management ( denying admission of the two Rastafarian).

Below is the statement made by the concern citizen:

I will like to express my sincere gratitude to my readers.

There have been several talks on Achimota School, asking two Rastafarians to cut their locks before they will be admitted.

Many prominent people in this country and across the globe has expressed their views on the decision made by the management of Achimota Senior High School.

I will like to support the decision of Achimota school, Ghana Education service and National Association of Graduate Teachers.

To start with, with Reference from Article 14 clause 1 e, “ Every Person shall be entitled to his personal liberty and no person shall be deprived of his personal liberty except in the following cases and in accordance with procedure permitted by law:

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e. For the purpose of the education or welfare of a person who has not attained the age of eighteen years.

This part of the constitution makes it clear that, for the purpose of Education, ones Personal Liberty can be limited, as a minor, they can also be a further restriction as at when to sleep and when to eat, but for the purpose of Education, a minor movement cannot fully attained his personal Liberty as the constitution says.

So for the purpose of Education I think the school rules can force them to cut down their hair, as a minor.

Also, Achimota School is one of the prestigious senior high in Africa and their traditions have been preserved for many years.

Based on that, they are recognized in Africa now.

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To be able to be same level as other students of Achimota School , the two Rastafarians needs to trim down the hairs as the school traditions says.

Some missions schools like the Islamic and catholic, no matter your religion, you must follow the traditions, mostly their dressings and Time of Worship.

If the Islamic or catholic rules is against any behavior, then it is not considered in their schools too.

Moreover, as by law established, the Ghana education services and National Association of Graduate Teachers who regulate the movement of our basic and second cycle institutions, knows what good and the best things of our children’s future. So this matter shouldn’t go beyond politics as some people are trying to associate with it.

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In conclusion, Equality before the law doesn’t come in here.

Imagine a lawyer with a locks on his hair, how good does this sound?

If they are willing to progress in academia, then they have to sacrifice their hair.

With regards to human right, it doesn’t give the opportunity to abrogate the school traditions.

The school has it right decision, and I think Ghanaian respect that.

Common sense must be apply in some cases here. Our traditions must be preserve, whether human right or not.

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