Ken Ofori-Attah In Shock As Free SHS Beneficiaries Criticized The E-Levy

Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta is surprised that graduates who benefited from the free senior high school scheme oppose the E-Levy. 

In arguing for the levy’s acceptance, the Minister stated that it would be sensible for us to accept it.The minister addressing locals in Tamale on the need to support the levy stated that those who had benefited from free SHS had no right to oppose the fee

He said the debate about taxes shows that nobody wants to pay taxes and that is okay and it is fine to articulate that “but the bible also says we have to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to the Lord what belongs to Lord”. The Minister said Ghanaians must accept that we need to approve the levy to help the government create better opportunities.

”So when I see the energy especially of which graduates who have gone through free SHS are against the E-levy, I ask whether they are calculating what the cost is?”

”Truly who should be paying for it that you are saying that the state has done nothing for you since you were born? So I shouldn’t contribute?”

He stated that as Ghanaians, we must begin to confront the reality and embrace the levy. The Minister went on to say that the world is changing and that e-commerce is becoming more prevalent. As a result, the conventional method of paying our taxes is no longer effective.

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