I Will K!ll Any Coup Plotter – Abronye DC

Kwame Baffoe Abronye, commonly known as Abronye DC, the Bono Regional Chairman of the ruling NPP, has urged Ghanaians not to spare anyone who threatens a coup in the country.

He went on to say that anyone threatening to launch a coup is a state enemy who must be exterminated.
“I am therefore ready to shoot anyone with the notion of dragging the country back to coup days to safeguard and defend mother Ghana,” the outspoken NPP stalwart said, inciting Ghanaians to shoot and kill any coup plotter.

People perished and families were wiped out in coups decades ago, he claims.

“People were slain in cold blood, married ladies were raped and plundered, and innocent souls were killed during the coup days,” he claimed.

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On “Dwene ho bio” with Agya Wusu on Hot FM in Accra, Abronye DC commented on the arrest of Mr. Barker Vormawor, who has threatened to stage a coup if the controversial Electronic Levy (E-levy) is passed. Abronye DC explained that the capacity to stage a coup is not only by the military but by any form of support, either financially or physically, by ordinary people.

According to Mr.Barker, he was a presidential employee during the Mahama administration, and he may have connections with people who may readily support his agenda against the Akufo-Addo government, according to him.

According to the law student, the 1992 constitution protects citizens who will fight coup plotters to the death to defend and protect the country.

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