Hawa Koomson apologizes for firing a gun during the 2020 registration process

Hawa koomson, the minister designate for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development has apologized to the entire nation for firing a gun at the 2020 voter election registration which took place at her constituency Awutu Senya on Monday, July20, 2020.

The gun shot happen after Hawa Koomson received information that some foreigners or people outside the constituency have been brought in to her constituency to register as voters.  This incident happened at the Step to Christ polling station.

According the the Member of Parliament of Awutu Senya East constituency, she fired the gun shot because she was trying to defend herself after a misunderstanding broke out at the polling station.


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Mrs Koomson admitted in agreement with the MP for Tamala South, Mr Haruana Iddrisu, that her actions were “ unministerial, dishonorable , and consequently apologized as she appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Thursday.

“Mr Chairman, I want to take this opportunity to apologize to the people who were scared on that day” Mrs Koomson said. 

Her apology followed a question by the MP for Gushegu on the event that led to the firing of the gun by Mrs Koomson.

Responding to the question, Mrs Koomson said although her actions were premised on some circumstances at the time, they were regrettable.

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She also said that during the registration of voters, there was an accident but it was an unfortunate incident which she wish never happened. She also prays it never happens again in the history of Ghana.

“It was in defense of myself because I felt my life was in danger with the circumstances I found myself. That day I thought I needed to save my life” she further explained.

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