E-levy is Daylight Robbery And Not Tax – General Mosquito

The General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Aseidu Nketiah, has announced that if his party wins power, E-levy will be abolished.

He made this statement during the ‘Yentua’ demonstration, held by Ghanaians to protest the government’s attempts to force Parliament to pass the E-levy law. 

At a statement to the media, he stated that the NDC is not against taxation, but that the E-levy is an attempt by the government to deprive regular Ghanaians of their source of income in this time of economic distress. 

“We’re not against taxation.” The purpose of taxation is to add value. We will not, however, sit by and allow the government to continue looting us. The E-levy is not a tax; it is a form of thievery. Alternatives are available. Who in their right mind in this country asked the Minister of Roads to argue that road tolls be abolished and toll booths be converted into toilets and washrooms?”, General Mosquito said.

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“As long as we have a government that works with impunity, the fire will continue to burn,” he added.

He stated that if the opposing party takes power, it will abolish it within the first 100 days.


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