Ayensuano District in a political siege as President Nana Addo Dankwa appoints illegitimate DCE.

Over the week, thus on the 19th September 2021, lists of the various District Chief Executives (DCE.) were released signed by Hon. Dan Botwe, the Minister for Local Government, Decentralization and Rural development.

This released has caused citizens of Ayensuano District left out as the supposedly appointed DCE to the district is never known by the indigenes of the district.

However, the youth in the district and NPP stouts have come out with a communiqué petitioning NPP Patriots, Hon. Dan Botwe and H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to revisit their appointment board to get appropriate leader who is best known to them and can deliver for the progress of the Ayensuano District.

Read the full communiqué:
“Press Release By Concern NPP Youth of Ayensuano Constituency”

We, the  Youth of Ayensuano Constituency  and the concerned loyalists and members of  NPP, wish to congratulate his Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo and his Vice Dr.Bawumia for their resounding victory on December 7th, 2020. The victory of last year’s election is a testament of your good work and numerous pro youth policies and initiatives.

Having congratulated you for your victory, we wish to express our disappointment on the appointment of Madam Josephine Awuku  Inkoom. It’s not as if we are misogynist and hate women it’s just to let you know that enough is enough!

Inhabitants and true citizens of Ayensuano constituency also have what it takes to occupy the highest position of the district assembly. It will be recalled, that in your first term in office, you appointed Hon. Govina Florence as the DCE for Ayensuano District, someone who wasn’t known by even the then constituency executives not to talk of the polling station executives.

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We were opposed to that but as if our then Eastern Regional minister has sworn to a deity not to listen to our cry, she was imposed on us from which her abysmal performance is clear for all to see. We consequently lost the Parliamentary seat and won the Presidential albeit marginally.

We however wish to make this Clarion for your consideration as a father for all who have the good people of Ayensuano at heart ,that we strongly object and are firmly opposed to the appointment of Madam Josephine Awuku Inkoom for the position of District Chief Executive.

Madam Josephine Awuku  Inkoom’s appointment has come to we the youth most especially the true stakeholders, loyalists and sympathizers of our party as a great surprise and we must say we have been in serious grief since last Sunday 19th September, 2021.

Appointments of these nature have negative repercussions on the party of which one is what led to us giving out our parliamentary seat freely to the NDC in the 2020 polls.

It’s not a secret to all that our parliamentary defeat was as a result of our immediate past DCE, Hon. Florence Govina’s incompetence and lack of the political knowledge of the Constituency.

We are opposing this in order to prevent what we have been through for the past  four (4) years nine (9) months.

The immediate past DCE exhibited characters such as poor human relations, abuse of power, arrogance, and self centeredness which contributed significantly to our parliamentary defeat and the depression in the votes of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo.

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These anti-party characters exhibited by the outgoing DCE is as a result of she not rising through the ranks of our party and also she not being an inhabitant of Ayensuano.

From the above mentioned, we foresee Madam Josephine Awuku Inkoom exhibiting similar character since there’s no difference between herself and the Hon. Florence Govina.

If her appointment is not terminated with immediate effect, it means : The party leader will continue to be undermined, party youth will be relegated, party structures won’t be adhered to, contracts will continue to be sold to our opponents and non party members.

An imposition of Madam Josephine Awuku Inkoom on us as a district would not only be inimical to the fortunes of the party, but would be suicidal with deadly and disastrous consequences that would go a long way to making the NDC for the first time win both the parliamentary and presidential election in 2024.

We believe His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo is a listening president and father and will listen to the voices of the masses of Ayensuano most especially the youth.

It’s also important to question the loyalty and participation of madam Josephine Awuku Inkoom in the party as far as Ayensuano constituency is concerned, one’s affiliation and participation in the party shouldn’t always be limited to an attempted parliamentary contest. The name doesn’t resonate in the mind of party loyalists and members not to even talk of the entire citizens of Ayensuano.  

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We want to make it clear without mincing of words that enough is enough. we have equally qualified people who can be DCE than this alien.

The likes of committed patriots who have risen through the ranks of our party and even applied for this position, Persons who connect well with the grassroots and who can contribute to the party’s fortunes and the development agenda of Ayensuano  are those to be giving the nod but not people who haven’t contributed anything as far as Ayensuano Npp is concerned.

We are therefore appealing to the President, Vice president and party leadership from region to national and to the office of Hon. Dan Botwe to for once listen to the good people of Ayensuano and grant us as we wish.

Let’s mince no words and caution  Mr President and the Party leadership from Regional to National, we will resist the imposition of Madam Josephine Awuku Inkoom in the  the coming days/weeks and months should our call for her  to be changed not adhered to.

Our love, sacrifices, loyalty and dedications for the party must be rewarded for what is due us but not be penalized by letting us be in opposition whilst our party is in power.

Thank you.

Your’s in the service of party
.……. Signed…..
Bismarck Amakye
054 537 8173
Concerned Npp Youth of Ayensuano.

This is indeed the constituents plight and hope the government will consider and act accordingly. Since monkey cannot work for baboons to chop.

Bismark Amakye

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