Akufo Addo Laughs At The Six Nicknames Given To Him By Ghanaians

His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is well-known for his generosity and for his passion for making people smile everywhere he visits.

Despite the fact that, at his age, he must have been used to the trolls that Ghanaians regularly assign him almost all times. The president has been given nicknames for both positive and negative reasons since taking office in 2017, exactly four to five years ago.

What are some nicknames that come to mind when you think of the president, from his childhood to his date?


  • Nana Show Boy

Before winning the 2016 election, Akufo-Addo was given the nickname “Show Boy,” in contrast to some of his other nicknames. This came as a result of a campaign address in which he promised to transform Ghana if he won the election. 

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“My goal is to create jobs in both the city and the country. People will praise me for it rather than shifting the capital to my hometown. As a result, I’ll be known as the ‘Show Boy.’ That is exactly what I intend to do “, he said.

  • King Promise

With reports that his government has not been able to fulfill some of his campaign pledges prior to the 2016 elections, some individuals like to refer to the president as King Promise. To them, his government consists solely of words, which gave rise to the above-mentioned nickname.

  • Nana Kalyppo

Mr. Akufo-Addo became a trending topic before the 2016 elections as a result of the KalyppoChallenge. As an opposition leader at the time, a photo of him sipping Kalyppo surfaced on the internet. However, most people began purchasing the fruit juice, taking photos, and posting them on the internet while sipping it, and this became a social media influence.

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  • Clearing Agent

The president earned this name as a result of the removal of some of his appointees following his election victory in 2016, particularly those who were suspected of engaging in corrupt activities. And it came out after he cleared a few people, including a Maritime boss and a Presidential Staffer, of corruption allegations.

  • Nana Sack-Nation

A name derived from the root word sack, referring to his capacity to fire or suspend any of his appointees who misbehaved. For example, the head of the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) was profiled in an exposé entitled “Contracts For Sale.”

  • Billy

A name Nana Addo had when she was a young and lively student in the United Kingdom. However, the origins of this name are still unknown to the general public. 

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What other names do you know about the president?

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