Young Man Jailed 14 Years For Stealing Cassava & Plantain Worth GHC 50

A 24-year-old Ghanaian man has been jailed to serve 14 years in prison for stealing cassava and plantain. These items worth GHC 50. The man would be freed at the age of 38 after the Tepa Circuit Court pronounce judgement on him.

Justice Ezekiel, the young man, admitted to taking foodstuff from a farm in Akwasiase, near Tepa. The Ghana News Agency reported this information.

The young man was sentenced to 14 years in prison by a court presided over by Gwendolyn Millicent Owusu.

The court found out on September 5th, 2021, that the convict had gone to secretly harvest cassava and plantains. He did it without the owner’s permission.

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However, he was caught red-handed as he attempted to load the items into a sack.

Ezekiel was handed over to the police following the incident, according to Chief Inspector of Police Jonas Agyei. The foodstuff he stole was also provided as evidence to the Tepa Police Station.

He went on to say that the suspect, who is also an ex-convict, admitted to the crime. He was summoned to appear in court, which resulted in his imprisonment.

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