Emmanuel Prah popularly known as “Dr.Prah”has always had a keen desire to serve the intersest of people, especially delivering or communicating relevant information to people and answering queries on various fields or speciality he finds himself, such as Academics/Education, Current trends, politics and many more.

It in this limelight that he has taken up the mantle to aspire to be voted as the next PRO /SECRETARY of Health information management students association of Ghana- UCC chapter (HIMSA-UCC). Below are some reasons that makes Dr.Prah the ultimate choice every HIMSA student should go for.

Excerpts from Dr.Prah’s manifesto

1. HE HAS THE EXPERIENCE: Dr.Prah had being in the blogging space for a year and half now, having worked and voluntered on numerous website blogs such as, and many more.. He has a skilled knowledge about the spread and release of information. Dr. Prah currently is the Co-founder of an online news portal that provides credible and relevant news, He is also the P.R.O(internal affairs and social media) of ATLANTIC HALL HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT (ATLHOP-UCC).

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Excerpts from Dr.Prah’s manifesto

2. A GOOD INFORMATION CRAFTING SKILLS: the ability to craft information has being a thing of Dr.Prah , Dr. Prah has the ability to craft a good communique due to his vast knowledge about news.

Excerpts from Dr.Prah’s manifesto

3. A GOOD PERSONAL RELATION SKILLS: Dr.Prah is a man of the people, he relates well with everyone regardless.

Excerpts from Dr.Prah’s manifesto

Emmanuel Prah is No.2 on the ballot paper and is soliciting for your vote come on the 19th of March 2021.. lets do it massive for Dr.Prah.. long live UCC , Long live HIMSA.

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