My Husband Uses Evil Spirit To Perform Miracles In Church – Woman Drops Shocking Revelation

Information reaching the desk of urbannewsgh.com has it that a woman has voiced it out to Ghanaians that her husband uses evil spirit to perform miracles in Church. According to the unnamed woman, her husband uses his evil spirit to control churches in Ghana.

The woman went to a Bible School to learn the doctrines of Christ. In the course of study, her senior pastor asked her to seek assistance from the junior pastor whenever she needs help relating to the course. The junior pastor then ask her to visit him in his house whenever she doesn’t understand something.

She began visiting the pastor whenever she needed help but all of a sudden the junior pastor forced her and had sex with her. The worried woman became pregnant a month later. 

After informing the junior pastor about the situation, he asked her to terminate the pregnancy. She didn’t agree to the pastor’s request since she believes it’s not right to do such act as a Christian. 


Later, she informed the senior pastor on the situation at hand. The senior pastor supported the woman’s decision not to abort the pregnancy. He told her that she would help her get married to the young pastor and support them when they face financial challenges.

In order to cover the cost of the marriage, the woman sold all her belonging. They had a successful marriage but she later moved to her mother’s place till the birth of her child. A few days later, she had a call from her husband informing her that he has decided to quit working with the senior pastor and start his own church in his hometown. 

This made the woman vacate his mother’s house, joined her husband and sold the rest of her belongings to help build the church. The mission was successfully as they establish a complete church. They started preaching the word of God to people over there. The pastor’s friend visited them one day and advised the pastor to visit some other sources for protection and powers.  The pastor accepted and spent 3 days in his friend’s house.

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Some days later, he returned back home and decided to practice what he acquire from the other sources. He started calling upon the name of some spirits but it wasn’t working so he adopted a plan B. He fried an egg and gave it to his wife and one other woman to eat. This time around, things worked perfectly for them and they started performing a lot of miracles.

According to the woman, they visit the beach around 2am to present some items to the spirits so the request of church members would be granted. They sometimes visit the cemetery to perform miracles for the sick. The woman realized that the miracles work for a week and later the problem returns again. She believes these actions by her husband is solely to make money so she attempted to talk with her husband but he didn’t listen to her.

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