Man Turns Into A Cow After Having An Affair With A Married Woman

There is a shocking video trending on the internet of a man who turned into a cow after he had an affair with a married woman.

This is what happens when people take advantage of other peoples wives.

In the video circulating on the internet the man is sitting on the floor and he is crying.

His legs have changed into a cow’s trotters and he has a tail on his back which can be seen behind him.

The man is crying normally like a person, but in between the he is making the mooing sounds just like that of a cow.

In the video many people are surrounding the man in shock and astonishment.

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They are seen taking him pictures and videos as he continues to cry.

It is so shocking to see a man with cows feet and a tail on his back.

The video really shows that Black magic is real. This should just be a lesson to many men out there who like dating other men’s wives.

They should just refrain from doing so to avoid becoming like the man on the video. People’s wives should just be respected.

Watch the video below;


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