Ghanaians Should be blamed for Galamsey. – Chinese Ambassador

The Chinese ambassador to Ghana, Mr Shi Ting Wang, is insisting that Ghanaians should be blamed for illegal mining (galamsey).

According to him, the Chinese aren’t to be blamed as it’s always the case.

According to him, no Chinese knows the location to any of Ghana’s mining communities or reserve, saying it is Ghanaians who introduce them to the trade.

Below were his points:

1. No Chinese knows the location of Ghana’s mining communities or reserve. It is Ghanaians that introduce them to the trade.

2. China does not issue visas for Chinese coming to Ghana. It is Ghana that issues the visas.

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3. Why are Chinese not doing illegal mining in South Africa where there is also a lot of gold? Because their locals dont support such illegalities

4. The Chinese government will not tolerate any of its nationals involved in illegalities in another country

5. Conclusion: Ghana must be blamed for the rise of illegal mining in Ghana.

He also called for the tightening of the nation’s border security to help reduce Chinese nationals coming into the country illegally.

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