Gbawe Youth Alliance Organizes Memorial Walk & Aerobics For Late Nii Laryea Faamlite II

A memorial walk has been organized by the Gbawe Youth Alliance in honour of their late Chief, who died on October 14, 2020. The Gbawe Kwatei Royal Family was involved in the development of this venture. The event was dubbed “Nii Laryea Faamlite II Memorial Walk & Aerobics 2021” by the organisers.

The people of Gbawe thought it best to pay tribute to their late chief for his good deeds while he was still alive. The program’s primary goal is to reorganize the youth for community development.

Djanman, Oblogo, Bulemin, Gonsee, Top base, Menskrom, and Pambross are among the Gbawe communities expected to participate in the walk. Anyaa, Awoshie, Mallam, Zero, Tetegu, Mc Carthy Hill, and other areas are not exempt.

Gbawe Youth Alliance Organises Memorial Walk & Aerobics For Late Nii Laryea Faamlite II

The Gbawe Palace Forecourt is the starting point for the late chief’s memorial walk and aerobics. The exercise will take place on November 6, 2021. Everyone is warmly invited to help to make the programme a success.

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Please contact the organizers if you have any inquiries or are having trouble finding the location.

Latif Quartey: 0541536262
Olivet Moffat: 0277198478

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