Check Out The Full Story Of Ataa Ayi, Most Notorious Armed Robber In Ghana

His full name is Raymond Ayeetey, but most of us call him Ataa AYI. When his mother went to the United Kingdom, he dropped out of school. He later learnt to drive and became a taxi driver.

In the year 1998, he was involved in an accident that resulted in the total destruction of his vehicle and the loss of his employment. In Accra, a friend who was also a taxi driver assisted him and introduced him to his new employer, Eddie. 

He quickly realized that his role was to drive his master and his friends around stealing from people. He didn’t like it, but he didn’t have an option because he needed money for his pregnant wife.

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Ataa AYI joined the gang as a driver since they steal people’s cars. They attack victims on their way to the bank to withdraw money and steal their money. In his first operation, they were able to steal a total of 12 million old cedes, of which he received 2.5 million. 

He was said to possess charms that safeguarded himself from gunshot and being arrested. He became one of the most wanted men in the country as a result of this. 

He was a professional driver who assisted them to steal even during traffic on the road. He grew in strength and became well-known as a notorious thief and gang leader.

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He is also accused of stealing cash worth over 700 million old cedes, as well as other items such as cars and trucks, telephones, and jewelry. Not only that, but he became so well-known and wanted after that his name became a common household name and a thief’s nickname. 

In the year 2000, a rumor concerning his location led to a suspicion bringing the police to his home. He was not found, however, because he had went to the north for a funeral. It was then that he understood his life and that of his family was in great danger. Then after, he went on the run.

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