Ban “sendi ma me sendi” fake mallams and juju advert on TV – Akufo Addo cautioned

Following the sad killing of a ten-year boy who was murdered by two teenagers in Kasoa for Money rituals, most Ghanaians have been speaking with on the need for a ban to be placed on the fake mallams and schemes that consistently do adverts on free to air Ghana TV stations.

According to most Ghanaians, the unfortunate incident which took place in Kasoa is some of the rippling effects of the incessant TV advertisements which have taken over the Ghanaian free to air TV space.

Almost 85% of Ghana free to air television stations run these adverts of fake mallams and other fraudulent schemes.

With the high unemployment rate in the country most people are likely to turn to these fake mallams as a resort to get money.

Many Ghanaians have always called for a total ban on these adverts but unfortunately, the advertisement continues to run on the TV screens.

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After last Saturday’s unfortunate development, the call for the ban of such adverts on TV has resurfaced with much intensity.

Some Ghanaians including notable members of the ruling party NPP have warned the president to place an outright ban on such adverts on TV.

They say if the president fails to pay heed to their call, they are ready to declare their allegiance to any party which intends to totally scrap the fake mallams on TV.


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