Stop Applying Kerosene And Unprescribed Product To Your Private Part – Public Health Specialist Warns Ladies

Women should avoid using unapproved materials such as kerosene or salt in their private parts, according to health experts.

Health consultants have determined that some women are guilty of using such products, as well as unapproved herbs, to tighten up their vaginal tissue. They claim, these behaviours are dangerous and contribute to the development of cervical cancer.

Dr. Dominic Gadeka, a public health consultant and the founder of the Healthier Life Foundation, stated this at an event commemorating World Cancer Day in Accra.

In his speech, he stated that a lot of our young ladies are claiming they are tightening their vagina and so they are using a lot of things. Some are using herbs. Some of them don’t wash it before they insert it into their private parts. Some pound it and put it in their private parts.

“Some use a lot of salt and put it in their private part claiming that they want to tighten their vagina. And some even go the extra mile using kerosene. When this happens, it means you are compromising the acidic content, so you compromise your immune system. So any other thing can manifest.”

Dr. Gadeka added that usage of make-up products and unprescribed intake of contraceptives are additional cancer-causing factors in women. He advised individuals to consult health practitioners for safer family planning measures.

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He mentioned that our ladies like make-up a lot and so industries are taking advantage of it. Some of them the contents are not being checked. Through osmosis, it passes through the skin into the body which may cause cancer. If you continuously use emergency pills for 5 years, you are at the risk of developing breast cancer.

In Ghana, close to 3,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and close to 2000 die from it, constituting a mortality rate of 67 percent. Data from experts suggest breast cancer is the most dominant cancer amongst women whereas men are also at risk of developing it.

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