Rising Stars: 3 Ghanaians named in 2021 UK Top 10 Black Students’ list

Three Ghanaian students have been named on the 2021 UK Top 10 Black Students’ list.

James Appiah III secured ninth place, while Eunice Amankwah earned the 10th position.

Dr Khadija Owusu secured the fifth position on the list.

Ghanaian students in the UK, James Appiah III and Eunice Amankwah, have been named on the 2021 UK Top 10 Black Students’ list issued by Rare Recruitment.

James Appiah III is studying Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS) at the University of Cambridge, while Eunice Amankwah is pursuing Political Economy at the University of Birmingham.

In a message issued on the website of Rare Recruitment, it established that James Appiah III grew up in Stratford, Newham, with his three siblings and parents, but the family later moved to Romford, Essex.

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In latter secondary school, Appiah became involved with a charity called CAFOD, which is heavily involved in global development issues. This was one of his first interactions with international politics, and he would go on to lead a session on Palestine at his school.

Now in his first year at the University of Cambridge, James has continued to devote himself to empowering young people through economics, politics and education.

Eunice Amankwah

Eunice Amankwah grew up on a council estate in Tottenham, one of the most deprived areas in London, and has lived there her entire life.

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As her father relocated between Ghana and the UK growing up, Eunice lived predominantly with her mother and four siblings, attending three different primary schools as a young girl.

She recalls growing up amid poverty and violence, in a small, overcrowded three-bedroom flat.

Despite the odds, Amankwah achieved 6A*s and 3As at GCSE. A combination of her parents’ support and these grades encouraged Eunice to move to a more academic sixth form, and aged sixteen, she started her A-Level studies at a local grammar school in the neighbouring borough of Enfield.

During her time at secondary school, Amankwah grew increasingly frustrated with the rise in knife crime and budget cuts to education and youth services which disproportionately affected state school pupils like herself.

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Amankwah’s enduring passion for politics and economics led her to study Political Economy at the University of Birmingham.

Now in her second year at Birmingham, Eunice Amankwah has successfully secured three scholarships for academic achievement (The Miranda Brawn Scholarship, Black Heart Foundation, and the University of Birmingham Chamberlain Award).

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