Nigeria Man Collapses & Dies After Seeing DNA Test Results

This is one of the most heartbreaking types of information I’ve received in a long time. Nobody knows when they will die or what will cause their demise.

After hearing the information on a DNA result indicating that he is not the biological father of his son, a Nigerian man is said to have collapsed and joined the ancestors.

The death of this young man has gone viral, shocking the majority of Nigerian netizens.

The individual, whose name was not revealed, was based in Abroad, according to reports from western countries.

After stumbling across a Snapchat video showing his wife cheating on him with another guy, this young man is said to have suspected her wife’s activity.

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He chooses to take a paternity DNA test to see if he is the biological father of the couple’s son out of suspicion.

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Unfortunately for him, the outcome was unfavorable. He became shocked and lost control of his breathing. Efforts to save him were unsuccessful, resulting in his painful exit. He died after a heart attack, according to reports.

The death of this guy has sparked a heated debate concerning paternity DNA tests on a Nigerian social networking platform. Others argue that a DNA test should be performed on every child the moment he is born. Some people also believe that DNA tests should be performed by people who are capable of coping with the results.

Others advise males to abstain from demanding unnecessary files such as a DNA test. Some of our Nigerian users’ replies are included below.

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