#MilkCrateChallenge banned by TikTok due to the risk its posses

TikTok, a social media platform for fun, has recently placed a ban on the trending #milkcratechallenge hashtag and other hashtag relating to it. They took this measure since the trending hashtag has been confirmed by online doctors to be dangerous and may cause several hurts to most people who partake in it.

However, the tiktok platform only promote safe and positive experience and its forbit the sharing of content which would cause harm to others.

Many individuals like having a good time in various ways and capacities.

Additionally, many people enjoy experimenting with trendy hashtags, themes, comedy clips and memes, and even dancing if they find it entertaining. One of these methods is to use TikTok to post various #challenge videos.

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People have recently taken part in a challenge known as “the milk crate challenge,” in which they climb a pyramid of stacked crates and then descend the other side.

Many people accepted the challenge, and while some succeeded, others fell off the top of the pyramid. This task has been described as unsafe and harmful by online users because a fall of the crates can result in not only injuries but possibly fractures or even major spine damage.

As a result, TikTok has banned the #milkcratechallenge and any other hashtags linked to it, which it informs you with when you search.

The company stated in a statement that it forbids content that attracts or encourages dangerous behaviors, and that it removes videos and leads queries to its Community Guidelines to deter such behavior.

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It highlighted that everyone should be cautious in their behavior, whether online or offline.

People create a milk crate pyramid and attempt to climb on it properly to complete the popular challenge, which started a few weeks ago.

Some people can be seen falling badly and getting harmed in some videos, and this frequently occurs when people do not put safety first.

Even after the TikTok ban, some people are still participating in the challenge and posting the videos on other social media platforms, proving that it is still popular.

People should exercise caution when participating in some of these challenges and hashtags in the hopes of gaining popularity and views.

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