Ghanaian Invents The World’s Finest Wireless Translator

Wow, a very great news hits Ghana once again. Meet Danny Manu, a Ghanaian-British man, who has developed an earbuds that auto-translate other languages.

The earbuds can live translate over 37+ languages. The product, takes the name ‘Mymanu CLIK’. It said to be “the world’s first truly wireless earphones” with live voice translation supporting 37+ languages.

Manu is now set to join a Canadian-based Quanta Networks Inc. as their Global Technology Engineer after inventing such a product.

Congratulations to Mr. Danny Manu. This is a very big win for Ghana and helps to put the country on the global map.


Bright Ofotsu Ametepey who also loves to be called Yhaw or Thursdae is an IT student at TTU and a content writer. He is from the biggest village in West Africa. He loves music and always thinks there is a song for every moment just make a good playlist for every moment.

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