5 Top Places to Visit This Christmas

Are you thinking of the best place your family, friends and yourself would celebrate this Christmas? Worry no more! We have prepared a list of top 5 places to visit in the Central Region of Ghana during the Christmas. Trust me, you would really enjoy the Christmas if you visit these places.

Christmas happens to be a magical season of the year. Most people say it is a time to celebrate and mark the birth of our lord, Jesus Christ. In Ghana, most individuals travel to their respective hometown to visit their family during Xmas. They intend to spend the holidays with those in the community and have a whole lot of fun there.

The topics below are some of the question individuals ask or search during the Christmas festive:

  • What is the best place to visit for Christmas?
  • Where can I spend Christmas in Ghana?

This week, UrbanNews Gh brings to you a list of top 5 best places to visit in the Central Region of Ghana during Christmas and I guess you’d love it.

  • Kakum National Park
  • Cape Coast Castle
  • Elmina Castle
  • Brenu Akyinim Beach Resort
  • Assin Manso Heritage Site

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kakum national park

  1. Kakum National Park

The Kakum National Park is the best tourist attraction site you’ll need to visit in Cape Coast. It is the popular national park in Ghana and filled with evergreen rainforest. The park, located about 30km north of Cape Coast, is endowed with different kind of wild, rare species of wildlife. This includes about 40 species of mammals, over 500 butterflies and a wide array of birds.

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Kakum National Park has a series of hanging bridges at the forest canopy level known as the “Canopy Walkway”. It contributes as a major feature of the national park which attract a lot of people to visit the location. Its canopy walkway allows visitors to see different species of plant and animal at vintage points. You’ll be excited when you visit this location with family during the Christmas season.

cape coast castle

  1. Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast castle was designed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The castle is best described as one of the six most beautiful castle in existence with a very rich history. Built originally by the Swedes in 1653, the castle has been controlled various times by the British, French and others. It was intended for commercial trade exchange between the Europeans and the locals.

Now an historic monument, the castle has played a vital role during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Millions of slaves were shipped from our country to the Americas. Visit the tourist attraction and learn some of the rich history behind the castle

elmina castle

  1. Elmina Castle

Another world heritage tourist site you can’t afford to miss during your Christmas holidays. It’s located just 10km west of Cape Coast. Elmina castle happens to be the first point of contact between the Europeans and the locals.

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It was built by the Portuguese in 1482 and also known as the Sao Jorge da Manin. The castle is the earliest discovered European structure in the tropics. A struggle for control ensued and attracted other Europeans as trade grew in the region. The Dutch eventually captured the castle and remained in its control for the next 235 years.

brenu akyinim beach resort

  1. Brenu Akyinim Beach Resort

You might have not heard about this beach but it lies between the villages of Ankwanda and Brenu Akyinim. It’s a 3km fabulous stretch of pristine palm-fringed and a sandy beach, where the water is clean. Its cleanliness provides an ideal site for swimming, surfing, bathing, skiing and so on. Due to its nice environment, it provides a excellent site for beach sport such as football and volleyball. There is also a peaceful lagoon nearby with serve as a winter home of hundreds of migratory birds.

assin manso heritage site

  1. Assin Manso Heritage Site

This tourist attraction is situated about 40 kilometres north of Cape Coast. Assin Manso is best known for their inhuman activity meted out to people during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade era. Slaves, brought from the interior part of Ghana, were rested, bathed, sorted out and re-sold before transported via Elmina Castle.

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Slave river or Nnonkonsuo appears to be the major feature of the Assin Manso Slave Market Site. Visitors can visit the tourist site to view the skeletal remains of two slaves, Samuel Carson and Crystal. They were returned from USA and Jamaica in 1998 for re-internment in Ghana.

Other landmarks in the Assin Manso Heritage Site include: a prayer hall and a grassy meditation lawn. Banks of the slave river are shaded by a long Bamboo trees with rest benches available for visitors to relax.


Indeed, our nation Ghana is blessed with a lot of tourist attraction. Our article covered only tourist attraction situated in the central region of Ghana. There are other prominent tourist attractions in other part of the counties.

Let’s try to visit one of these 5 places with our family during the Christmas festive and have some fun. I promise you that visiting these attractions site would help you learn some rich history about Ghana. Also, it would help you realize the suffering and pains most of the ancestors of our land went through.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article about top 5 best places to visit in the central region during Christmas Share your thoughts with us!

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