Stay Away From Russia-Ukraine Crisis And Concentrate On Solving Economic Challenges – Akufo Addo Warned

Former Director of the Forestry Commission Monitoring Unit Charles Owusu has encouraged Ghana to stay out of Russia’s current attack on Ukraine.

Russia has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine from the south, east, and north, according to Dailymail. 

According to their account, “missiles and bombs rained from the air, tanks crossed the border, troops parachuted into eastern areas, and explosions could be heard throughout the country.”

Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers are thought to have been killed. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin opposes Ukraine joining NATO, which is at the heart of the Russia-Ukraine conflict (NATO). 

Ghana’s role in the current conflict, which many fear may lead to a third third world war, is negligible, according to Charles Owusu. In order to serve Ghanaians, he feels the government should do a better job of running the country. 

Despite his concerns about the influence of Russian policy on the global economy, particularly in Ghana, he believes the country would survive if its government takes appropriate measures. 

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He asked President Akufo-Addo and his government to ignore the Russia-Ukraine standoff in order to solve Ghanaians’ economic issues and worries for Ghanaian students in Ukraine. 

“Ghana has no power to intervene in Ukraine’s affairs.” Because Ghana has no option. On Peace FM’s flagship broadcast “Kokrokoo,” he added, “We may dispute and discuss it, but we can’t have any impact.”


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