Check Out: Can Russia-Ukraine Conflict Lead To World War III?

Former leaders such as Oleksiy Honcharuk, the former Ukrainian Prime Minister, feel that World War III has already begun.

Mr. Oleksiy Honcharuk believes that many countries’ adoption of democracy and civilization has blinded the globe to the fact that World War III has already begun.

“Because of our civilization, we choose democracy. We choose freedom. That’s why its not our war. It’s already a start of this third world war” the former Ukrainian Prime Minister told NewsMax.

He also said Putin actually wanted to invade Ukraine eight years ago because he thought the West of weak.

And that is why “Mr. Putin started full scale war against Ukraine”
“Because he realised that the West is weak. For Mr. Putin democracy is a weakness that’s why he started this war because he realised the West will not do enough to stop him. Its a full scale war where the bibiggest country in the world attacks the biggest country in Europe”

Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, recently stated that the world is seeing the “fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II.”

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“The War in Ukraine caused the fastest growing refugee crisis since World War II. I’m grateful for the solidarity with Ukraine’s neighbours, who are taking in people forced to flee and u urge the international community to fund humanitarian efforts to support them” he tweeted.

According to statistics, over 2.5 million people have already fled Ukraine following Russia’s 16-day invasion, making it Europe’s largest refugee crisis since WWII.

According to several military strategists, shutting down the skies over Ukraine might spark a third global war. Russia is alleged to be allowing tens of thousands of volunteers to fight in Ukraine, according to The Jerusalem Post.

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“Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the green light on Friday for up to 16000 volunteers from the Middle East to be deployed alongside Russian backed rebels to fight Ukraine, doubling down the invasion that the West says has been losing momemtum” the paper revealed.

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