YoungBull Now On A Full-Time Music Mission

Ghana’s YoungBull, Yaw Tog, has finally completed his 3-year stay at the Opoku Ware Senior High School. Thorsten Owusu Gyimah popularly known as Yaw Tog completed school yesterday October,6,2021.

The young uprising rapper wrote his last paper, Integrated Science yesterday to end his 3-year stay on campus. He’s fully charged already to continue his musical journey he left behind to take his final exams. The YoungBull is ready to serve Ghanaians with baby to back hit song within this year.

He made some tweet some days ago to warn netizens not to disturb him to learn after his paper.

We can all testify to the fact that a lot of people blasted him to keep of social media. This is to aid him focus on his books. However, he has completed high school and needs no disturbances and blast from netizens.

In a viral video, Yaw Tog is seen hugging his fellow colleague, Malcolm Nuna. Nuna congratulated him for his completing high school successfully.



Bright Ofotsu Ametepey who also loves to be called Yhaw or Thursdae is an IT student at TTU and a content writer. He is from the biggest village in West Africa. He loves music and always thinks there is a song for every moment just make a good playlist for every moment.

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