Young Lady cause stirs as she drinks liquid in Condom [WATCH]

A young beautiful lady is alleged by others as slay queen is spotted drinking a liquid sometimes in a condom. I guess we all know the liquid inside the condom? Lol.

This young lady is caught on camera sucking in some liquid inside a condom in a viral video. We can’t say for sure what’s inside the condom because the substance is unclear. Because it resembles wine and water, it might be either of these.

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However, netizens have reacted negatively to the viral post, which has attracted the attention of a large number of people. They are perplexed as to what is going on and the things she is consuming. Is it possible that she simply wants to attract our attention and follow the celebrity trend?

One could question as to whether or not the condom has been used before. We have no idea where she obtained it, therefore we can’t account for it.


It is tremendously unhealthy for someone to engage in such behavior, regardless of their social level. This behavior shouldn’t be promoted because it earns one a negative reputation. Many netizens who have seen the viral video have expressed their dissatisfaction with the lady’s sanity.


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