Time To Jail Shatta Wale Is Now – Adam Bonaa

Ghanaian security expert Adam Bonaa has requested that Shatta Wale be prosecuted by the Ghana Police Service. This follows his arrest on Tuesday for a prank regarding a gun attack.

Shatta Wale was allegedly attacked by gunmen in East Legon on Tuesday, October 19. This was out to be a joke staged by his crew and himself in order to promote his GOG album.

He was arrested as a result of this terrible prank, which sparked fear and panic throughout the country.

According to Adam Bonaa, Shatta can be seen driving about in unlicensed vehicle if you live in East Legon. Bonaa considers it disrespectful and disturbing that he will be throwing money out of his vehicle.

The security expert witnesses police officers escorting him, without even using DV plate numbers, and shouting his name. He finds comfort in the fact that a new administration has committed to prioritize public safety.

After analyzing the situation, he believes it is time for Shatta Wale to face the laws of the land.

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