Teephlow warns Medikal not to try him.

The Ghana music industry is about to be set on fire again.

Teephlow as his stage name, has called on Medical not to try him.

Born as Lukeman Ekow Baidoo, has advised his fellow rappers to not be intimidated by any other person by their “nyaa nyaa” style of rap delivery.

According to the rapper, if you want to be lyrical, just be lyrical, and if you want to go with the vibe, just go with the vibe.

Teephlow also stated, that, they the rappers themselves are at times part of the trouble fellow rappers go through.

He threw shades at MDK, that, if his nyaa rap delivery has put him to the top, it does not mean other rappers should go by that.

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He ended by warning MDK not to dare try him. Because he(MDK), is not ready for the smoke.

Watch the video below.

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