“Stay away from Women’s Botos” – Funny Face Advises Black Sherif

Actor of “Cow and Chicken” and the only Children’s President in Ghana has sent an advice to Black Sherif to stay away from ladies with big botos.

The “Chorkor Trotro” actor, Funny face, has been in the industry for long and has several songs so he knows why he’s advising Black Sherif to stay away from such ladies.

In a post made by Funny face on Instagram explains why he’s advising his young brother to stay away from big botos ladies.

He started by praising Sherif on his good works in gaining fame in Ghana and he’s also proud of his hustle and achievement. Funny face says he has been in the industry for 20 years and still counting so he would like to give Sherif an advice.

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He cautioned Black Sherif to stay away from Women’s Botos especially the big curvy ones with a little wave on top and the sides.

“Run from where you’re perching in this picture. Botos will kill you” Funny said.

He also told Black Sherif to follow his words since he’s a botos analyst for over 20 years in Ghana showbiz.

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Funny face made it clear that he loves the uprising musician’s song especially Destiny.

“Adey rise and fall…Botos took me to depression so please run away from it” He said

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