Sista Afia Finally Says Yes To A Marriage Proposal

After years of being unmarried, Ghanaian singer Sista Afia is ready to walk down the aisle.
Sista Afia recently revealed on her Instagram page that she had accepted her “boo”‘s” proposal to marry him. Remember how Sista Afia said in an interview on Okay FM last year that she was too young to get married?
According to the “weather” hitmaker, she still has a few years until she decides to get married.
She told Abeiku Santana that she was too young to consider marriage because her career was still in its early stages and she needed time to develop and nurture herself.
Sista Afia, who is 29 years old, appears to be set to go down the aisle, as she shared a photo of herself wearing a ring on social media. Some fans, on the other hand, believe she’s doing it to gain attention for a song she’s working on.
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