See How Cina Soul’s Father Reacted to Her Kissing Scene With KiDi

Cina Soul has recently voiced out how her father reacted to a scene in KiDi’s ‘Sugar’ movie. The two singers were kissing so passionately in that scene.

However, there seems to be new developments. Cina was spotted feeling uncomfortable as the kissing scene was played live on TV.

This happened during an interview on the United Showbiz program on UTV.

Abeiku Santana, the host of the show asked why she gave a different impression all of a sudden. The young songstress expressed that she was uncomfortable because her father is watching.

She said that her parents are watching and her whole family is working. Cina said when her father saw that scene, he shouted, ‘Who is that boy?’

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The songstress further added that she has watched the movie just once- when it was premiered at the cinema. Cina Soul stated that she is unable to watch it over again, but the reason unknown.

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