Men Jua Siri! See The Types Of Women You Should Never Marry

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Dear Boychild, before we get into the types of women you should not marry, allow me to tell you this. That a man should never entertain a woman he isn’t involved with romantically. Unless it’s straight business, school assignment or direct family which you’re not allowed to marry. Men and women can’t be “friends” and any guy who denies that is also begging and desperate for attention.

You know what? the best of couples never had the same qualities, but they were able to cope and tolerate with each others differences.

Of course no woman is perfect, but should any man dream of having a perfect woman, it is important to take not of some qualities you know you can’t cope with and rather avoid marrying those who have these qualities, only to regret in marriage or later get a divorce.

  1. Never marry a lady who thinks she’s doing you a favour by agreeing to marry you. Although, the Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from the Lord. It was rightly spelt, favour from the Lord, not favour from her. If she thinks she’s marrying you out of favour or pity, she will leave you once you run out of favour or pity.
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  1. Never marry a lady who lives an expensive life far above her income. Such women can go to any length to meet up with the expensive lifestyle even if it will cost them to sleep around for money.
  2. Never marry a woman who have the ideology that your money is our money, but my money is mine. Such a woman will run you down with unnecessary bills. She sees it as a taboo to even lay a helping hand if you get broke.
  3. Never marry a lazy woman who can’t work to earn a living. Some women prefer to be called full house wife, not because they can’t work, but because they are lazy to work. The worst set of these ladies are those who don’t work, but still leave the house unkempt.

Real women are industrious and work with their hands.

  1. Never marry a woman who is obsessed with her beauty and who always want to get compliment for her beauty. Although, every woman enjoys compliment, but not those obsessed with it. The reason why most beautiful ladies don’t last in marriage is because they get fed up when they don’t get the same compliment they do get from guys before they marry.

To these set of ladies, their beauty has always opened doors for them and once they’re not getting the necessary open door or compliment, they show you the other side of them.

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  1. Never marry a Narcissist, a woman who has ego and extreme love for herself. A narcissist is bossy and dominating. In as much as women have liberty to express themselves, it is abnormal to always want to have her way and command you around.
  2. Never marry a woman who is not in the same class with you. Class in terms of financial, social and academic status. If you do, you might spend the rest of your life trying to upgrade to her class or status and she may not even find your effort good enough.
  3. Never marry a lady with the ideology of using intimacy in marriage as a bargaining power. Also avoid those whose focus is always getting intimacy and not sense while in relationship. These set of ladies, all they know is the trending s3x style or how best to satisfy a man’s s3xual desires. They go blank when it comes to contributing ideas or making good judgement.
  4. Never marry a lady with a special male friend ‘bestie’ or ex, she feels she can’t detach herself from. Most of such ladies usually run back to weep on such guy’s shoulder on the bad days; emotions usually pick up from leaning and weeping on such shoulders, it is from there adultery usually creeps in.
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10 Never marry a lady who shows signs of cheating or double dating if you know you’re not ready to share her with another man after marriage. A person that double date or cheat is only practicing adultery, she will lunch out in full scale after mastering her skills.

  1. Never marry a lady who don’t share same vision with you. Many careers have been ruined just because the man married a woman who didn’t share the same vision.
  2. Never marry a lady who sees friends and family as a better confidant and advisers than her husband. If you do, your marriage will not last as it will be controlled by other people’s opinions.
  3. Never marry a religious fanatics or hypocrite who always follow what the religious leader says without checking up with the word of God. I consider this set of ladies as the deadliest; because nothing you can do to reorient a lady who has been brain washed by a religious fanatics.

My fellow boychild I beg you, run as fast as your legs can carry you once you discover this

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