Meet The Man Who Shocked Everyone By Marrying Triplets Who Refused To Be Separated

When it comes to marrying triplets, Wizo has left a lot of people surprised. He claims he was charmed by one woman, but he ended up marrying her two sisters instead.

Wizo claims that he actually met Natalie, her girlfriend, on Facebook, where they met once every few months and began planning his or her wedding.

He met Natalie’s sisters and felt compelled to marry them since the triplets couldn’t be separated and it would be wrong to try. 

The man is eager about marrying the triplets, claiming that he is delighted to call them his wives. He believes that the news of his triplet marriage shocked his entire family, and many people believe he has a mental problem. 


Wizo claims that he has no regrets about marrying them and that he can make the best husband for them. The triplets also said they’re glad they were married by one man since no one will ever be able to separate them. 

Many people have reacted to the video with more questions than answers. Despite the fact that many people are shocked, some have congratulated him on his new life.

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