Man Gets Broken Heart As He Catches Girlfriend With Another Man At The Mall On Val’s Day

A viral video shows a young man who caught his partner with another man at a shopping mall. February 14th is believed to be a Valentine’s day and it was celebrated all over the world on.

Many in relationships went out to relax in the evenings with their lovers, but one nice guy was taken aback when his lady declined to accompany him. However, we are unable to confirm the cause behind her refusal. 

Surprisingly, the young guy found his girlfriend chilling with another man after refusing to go out with him on Val’s day. We don’t know how he managed to find out but it’s likely that someone who spotted his girlfriend at the mall with another man prompted him to take immediate action. 

The angry man landed a heavy slap on his girlfriend’s face in front of a group of people gathered around the scene to witness the ongoing drama.

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His girlfriend tend turn to face his lover as he pleaded for forgiveness. The young man was so moved by what he witnessed that he burst into tears and sat on the floor, surrounded by others who tried to calm him.

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